„The problem, she knew, she’d actually written it down, was that she liked liars and evasive people, she liked seeing what they’d say, she liked being continually shocked surprised disappointed by the way they were never where she thought they’d be, it was the same exactly as how she felt watching a lizard vanish into a previously invisible crack or cranny, something in her applauded any instinct for freedom, however personally inconvenient to her.“

© 2018 Olivia Laing, Crudo.

Problem with history

„She was trying to remember the 1980s, specifically 1987. What did people know, what were they ignorant of? This was the problem with history, it was too easy to provide the furnishings but forget the attitudes, the way you became a different person according to what knowledge was available, what experiences were fresh and what had not yet arisen in a personal or global frame.“

© 2018 Olivia Laing, Crudo.


„Did you know that hummingbirds have been around for forty-two million years? And that a hummingbird’s heart beats more than twelve hundred times per minute? That’s roughly twenty heartbeats a second! A hummingbird’s tiny wings can flap as fast as ninety times per second! All that flapping makes the hummingbird the only bird that can hover in the same spot for a long stretch of time. That’s why, when we do spot a hummingbird, we often get a pretty good look at it—because hummingbirds love to stop and say hello and hang out for a while.“

© 2019 Laura Lynne Jackson, Signs: The Secret Language of the Universe.

Good tennis

„My favorite pursuit in the world is to sit around and shoot the shit with someone smarter than me. It made me feel like I was playing good tennis.“

© 2019 Chelsea Handler, Life will be the death of me…and you too!


”Someone explained to me that for someone who’s lived with privilege their whole life, equality feels like a loss.”

© 2019 Chelsea Handler, Life will be the death of me…and you too!

The worst

„The worst thing in the world is not being able to make a problem go away for one’s child.“

© 2019 Lisa Taddeo, Three women.

The worst!